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Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children

Adopting a child from a different state is governed by certain rules and procedures in the United States and the “Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children” – also commonly referred to as the ICPC – is just for that. If you are planning to adopt a child born in any state other than the one you reside in, understanding of and compliance with this law is a MUST. This compact has been enforced in all fifty states of United States, US Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia and requires approval of the state before an adopted child leaves or enters any state.

What is Interstate Compact?

As the name suggests, Interstate Compact for Placement of Children is a compact between all states which ensures and safeguards the interest of children placed for adoption outside their respective home state. For example if a child in California is given for adoption in Florida, the interstate compact will ensure that his rights are well taken care of in Florida. You, your adoption agency or professional will take care of the required documentation by contacting the receiving state’s compact administrator – in this case Florida’s compact administrator. The compact helps protect interest of the child given away for adoption through implementing state adoption guidelines and paperwork.

Complying with the Interstate compact requirements you can seamlessly

  • Adopt and bring up a child in a state other than the child’s birth state
  • Adopt a child placed in foster care in a state other than the child’s birth state
  • Adopt a child on a trial basis in a state other than the child’s birth state
  • Adopt a child placed in a rehab in a state other than the birth state

For a child to be given for adoption this compact provides

  • State specific protection laws guarded by the Interstate Compact for Placement of Children
  • Child care services to be extended to the receiving state or the state where the child will be transferred for/after adoption.
  • Necessary paperwork through state defined procedures and state specific legal requirements

Why is Adherence to ICPC Important?

As a couple seeking to adopt a child, compliance with the ICPC only makes things easier and facilitates the final adoption process. In reality, ICPC not only safeguards the child but also other parties (including the future adoptive family) that take part in child adoption and placement case.  Interstate compact gives enough time to both the receiving state and the sending state “compact administrators” to make a strong study of the probable child placement. Also, the “sending state” also holds the jurisdiction over child placement by demanding progress reports of the child from the “receiving state”.

Make sure to keep a signed and approved copy of form “100 – A” from the receiving and sending state. Your adoption agency will do the entire paperwork and follow-up for you if you choose to go through the interstate adoption process via them. It may take weeks or even months for the final approval of documents and procedural finalization but in the end, you will come clean and confident while adopting a child. Do you think that’s worth the wait? We thought so too…