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How Our Agency Works

The adoption industry is largely unregulated and inconsistent. You have countless agencies and adoption entities to choose from — all of which have different processes and their own unique way of working. Regardless of which direction you elect to pursue, what is most important is to understand what services they offer and how they work.

Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions, has developed our method of providing a successful adoption based on the knowledge and experience we have gained over the course of 900+ adoptions. One of the many benefits that make our agency unique is that we require no “application fee” or “retainer” for our agency to actively consider birthmother situations for your family. The only documentation we will need to begin the process is a completed application, signed agency agreement, and current home study.

Once our agency has received these documents and upon approval, we will begin the process of presenting your profile to birthmothers matching similar adoption goals and desires. Once a birthmother has selected your family you will be contacted by our agency. We will share with you the birthmother’s information and get your impressions. If you decide you would like to proceed, the next step is for our agency to coordinate an “interview call” between yourselves and the birthmother. Through the course of this phone call, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions that will help you determine if this is the right opportunity for your family. At the same time, the birthmother is hoping to determine if you are the right adoptive parents for her child.

After the interview call, we will talk with the birthmother to ask her impressions — if she feels your family fulfills her goals as adoptive parents. Likewise, we will want to get your thoughts. Specifically, if you feel comfortable with this birthmother and if she meets your expectations. If each party agrees they would like to be matched, then an adoption plan is initiated. Only after you and the birthmother agree to proceed are agency fees required.

Our agency offers two options with regard to adoption services; Our Traditional Service encompasses our agency matching your family with a birthmother fitting the needs and desires set forth in your application. After the match is made, you will work directly with our legal coordinator who will handle all the coordination and communication with our network attorneys within your state as well as the birthmother’s state. Our Traditional Service works particularly well for families that are unable to dedicate the time and effort associated with legal coordination. If you are unfamiliar with the legal nuisances associated with adoption, you may want to consider this option to minimize issues that may arise in state-to-state adoptions. Our nationwide network of adoption attorneys is comprised only of attorneys dedicated to, and vastly experienced in adoption law.

Our Match-Only service differs from the Traditional Service in that you take the responsibility to seek out and retain adoption attorneys in your state as well as the birthmother’s state and assume the coordination of legal services associated with the adoption. The choice regarding which agency service to utilize need not be made until after a match has been made. At the time you pay the agency fees, you will indicate which service you elect to use.

Once an adoption plan has been initiated, you will have the opportunity to freely contact your birthmother and begin the process of building a positive relationship. Our agency will stay in contact with you and the birthmother as well as be involved with the process. However, you and the birthmother should work towards establishing a mutual relationship. Through the course of the adoption, your birthmother wants to feel secure that she has made the right choice in choosing you to be the parents of her child. The only thing our agency can offer is support and guidance.

Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions recognizes that adoption inherently involves great emotional and financial risk. We also understand that goals and financial means can be greatly disrupted in the wake of a failed adoption. Because of this, our agency provides a substantial refund of the fees paid in the event an adoption fails. While our agency can do little to offset the emotional setbacks associated with adoption failure, hopefully we can help to minimize the financial strain.

We encourage you to contact our agency so that you may receive additional information on our process and the services we offer.