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Navigating An Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancies are loaded with emotions, especially if you’re considering an adoption process. No doubt, endless questions are streaming through your mind. The process can seem complicated and overwhelming, and without a clear starting point. As a birth mother, we know that your first concern is your child’s well-being and the future they will have. That is the foundation for your adoption plan. Any fears you have are legitimate and real—and they do not diminish the fact that you have unalienable parental rights to your child throughout the entire process. 

Your adoption rights are about more than giving consent to terminate parental rights. They also entail helping plan your journey and having a voice in all decisions made throughout the process. It is imperative that you consult with a legal professional as part of your adoption process. This ensures you’re aware of the rights afforded you and that your rights aren’t being infringed upon. At no point in your adoption process should you ever feel pressured or coerced into making a decision.

As a birth mother, what rights do you have during the adoption process? 

  • The right to change your mind at any time, up until the point you sign an official relinquishment document. You are never obligated to choose adoption. Once the relinquishment document is signed, your parental rights are terminated.
  • The right to choose and be involved in the vetting and selection of your child’s adoptive family. 
  • The right to retain custody of your child until the courts finalize the adoption. 

The nuances of birth mother rights vary by state. While it is always fundamental to have legal guidance throughout your adoption process, the Adoption Network is a helpful resource for early planning; it offers detailed laws and rights state by state. 

We know there is a vast amount of information to negotiate. This, coupled with the emotional journey of pregnancy, can be incredibly overwhelming. But you are not alone.

At One True Gift, we are always here for you, offering 24/7 counseling available by phone or text message and a dedicated Birthmother Hotline.

The National Adoption Attorney Database allows you to search by state for adoption services.

Birthmom Buds: a web-based organization that provides peer support, counseling, and friendship to birth mothers or to pregnant mothers who are considering adoption