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Have a Nourished Weekend

Hello! Happy Fall. We hope the weather’s gorgeous where you are. Sending you light and love as we transition into this new season of a very strange year.

As always, here are some of our favorite reads of the week:

On the blog this week we discuss birth parent rights and what the termination process looks like. 

When Lunisol Guzman lost her battle with COVID-19, her adult daughters stepped up to raise her adopted toddlers

How are you, new parents?

Adam Gildea Wolfington shared his adoption story with The New York Times in 2007—it is even more relevant today. 

What strengths will you bring to adoptive parenting? has released some of their favorite movies and books about adoption for 2020—these are all great additions to your home collection. 

Celebrating the adoptive parents in your life goes beyond a baby shower and gifts—it’s about support and empathy. 

Suicide is the leading cause of death for children ages 10 to 14. Which factors are playing into that?

Are you blending your family through adoption? Here are some parenting strategies to activate.

The pandemic has thrown all of us into survival mode. The Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs recently released updated information about the adoption process; both international and domestic.