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Have A Restful Weekend


How has your weekend been? Relaxing? Stressful? Filled with sleep? Underslept? We know weekends, as glamorized as they can be, often have other plans in mind, so here’s hoping yours went as smoothly as possible. And that those of you living in—or with families in—Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and California, are safe.

Today we’re sharing some of the pieces that grabbed our eyes this week and stuck with us after reading. Stories about adoption, parenting, and the resiliency of life, we hope you enjoy them too.

On the blog this week: are we paying enough attention to our children’s developmental milestones

Apparently, “mom shaming” is running rampant during the pandemic.

This parenting podcast is all about adjusting a little one to virtual kindergarten.

The Young family had just finalized their adoption of four siblings when they learned they were pregnant. With quadruplets. 

A mother reflects on privilege, adoption, and parenting.

Finding the missing piece: when adoptees become parents.

Parenting in the age of screens.

Bentley was born with a cleft lip and often found it hard to find others like him—then he met Lacey. 

How is COVID changing the adoption process?

Co-parenting…as friends!