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Have A Relaxing Weekend

Hello! Popping by on Sunday and hoping you’ve had a wonderful weekend so far. We’ve been gathering our favorite reads of the week to share with you all (one of our favorite rituals). There’s a lot going on in the world right now. May your hearts be light, your minds unencumbered, your relationships joyful, and your homes at peace.

We’ll see you next week. <3

On the blog this week: what is Indiscriminate Affection, and is it unsafe behavior? 

Abby Johnson’s description of why police should profile her biracial son has understandably upset many. 

New Mexico is accepting support to overhaul its outdated adoption database. 

Is telehealth helping children respond better? Studies say yes. 

Do adoptions in Texas really cost $300-400? 

The YWCA hosted a panel that focused on disciplinary action against students of color in the public school system. 

West Virginia continues to making strides to ensure foster care and adoption are more accessible to everyone. 

The adoption and foster care system will emerge stronger following the COVID pandemic. 

What is a “risk mindset,” and how do we control it? 

A small ask from adoptive parents revealed a deep flaw in Nevada’s system.