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Have a Relaxing Weekend

Hello, there. Saturday is here again! We think about you constantly, and hope you’re doing well and hanging in there. We know this upcoming school year—the uncertainty of it all—is stressful for so many of you. This is your reminder that you are not alone, you have a community, and we will get through this together. Day by day.

This weekend, as always, we’re sharing some of our favorite reads from around the web this week. Informative, inspiring, educational, thought-provoking.

Be well, and take good care of yourselves this weekend.

On the blog this week, we talk about the upcoming school year and negotiating remote learning with an adopted child. 

Ripped Jeans & Bifocals keeps it real when it comes to adoption. We love the way they tackle diverse subjects—from handling your children’s tough questions to adopting later in life. 

Natalia says she feels like she “won the lottery.” 

The Lucky Few is an adoption blog we love right now. Heather Avis shares her journey through special needs and transracial adoption. 

COVID-19 continues to strain the adoption and foster care system. 

Adoption is largely controlled by state laws. Familiarize yourself with your state’s laws. 

Many families are having to make a choice regarding the upcoming school year. Are you thinking of homeschooling? 

Do young children have a stronger immunity to COVID-19? 

5 Things I Want To Tell My White Friends.

Pediatrics Publications published a recent study promoting health equity by way of improving the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).