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Have A Lovely Weekend

Hello, dear friends! Another week has gone, and hopefully a sunny summer weekend to look forward to. We hope you’re hanging in there, getting rest and deep breaths, and are able to spend connected time with friends and loved ones. You deserve it.

Here we are again with some of our favorite reads of the week. We hope you enjoy and take good care of yourselves. See you next week.

This week on the blog we talk about having “the talk” with your kids. 

What does adoption as a same-sex couple look like? 

Is there a better way to run the foster care system? 

This mother explains what it’s like to see her child experience racism

Are you worried about the effects social media and technology are having on your children? You’re not alone

Do police forces enable the foster care-to-prison pipeline? 

Verda Byrd spent 70 years as a proud Black woman—until she found out she was white. 

The Week talks about the “double bind” of protesting and parenting while Black. 

Babies grow so fast that you’ll find them growing out of items you bought just weeks before. Cup of Jo helps us out with a list of baby items that are meant to last. 

Peter Mutabazi talks about the moment he became a father