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Have A Happy, Healthy Weekend

Hi friends. We hope you’re staying cool and safe out there. There’s a lot going on, which means restoration and recharging are of the highest order. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

As always, we’re sharing the reads that caught our eye this week. We hope you enjoy!

This week on the blog we talked about delivery room etiquette

The Bonura family not only reunited a family separated in the foster care system, but they built their own family. 

What do you do when something is worth fighting for? You fight. 

The Thomas family is determined to make their adopted child a community baby. 

The New York Times sheds light on the soul and survival of Black families. 

What happens when your Black child lets their white friends use racial slurs around them? 

Nefertiti Austin’s book “Motherhood So White” explores her journey as a single Black mom. 

It’s never too early to teach your children about diversity. Start with these television programs. 

Black sons are in danger.

Daniel Johnson wants his daughter to celebrate her Blackness