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Have An Empowered Weekend

As we navigate the two pandemics sweeping the country—racism, and COVID-19—may you find moments of peace, restoration, and power. Both of these pandemics are public health issues, meaning it is our individual responsibility to make educated, compassionate decisions for the health and safety of the whole community. Be empowered by how easy it is to take care of those around you, and to show gestures of goodwill, support, and camaraderie.

Here are some of our favorite reads of the week…

This week on the blog, we talked about how to prepare for transracial parenting

Reparations for slavery highlights the emergency of inequality

Walmart will no longer lock up their multicultural personal care products—a racist practice that has been the subject of a federal investigation. 

NPR released a guide of literature on anti-racism.

George Floyd called out for his mom before he died. What kind of fear do Black mothers live with every day? 

It’s okay if you’re still learning to be an ally. 

Are you debating on ways to involve your family in peaceful protests? Here are stips for raising your voice from home. 

How do Black parents handle conversations with their children right now? 

Keedron Bryant just wants to live

The Black Lives Matter movement is not just happening in your community—it is a global cry for justice and equality. 

Image via Seattle’s Child