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Have A Loving Weekend

Happy weekend! How is everyone doing? The is a time filled with many ups and downs. It’s so important to check in with yourself daily and to take inventory of your emotions, struggles, and wins. One day at a time, friends.

We also want to wish a very happy Birth Mother’s Day to all the birth mothers in our lives, and a happy Mother’s Day to those celebrating tomorrow. We know that this can be a very tough weekend for women and children of all backgrounds—our hearts, thoughts, and loving energy are with every single one of you struggling this weekend. We see you and love you. 

Here are some of favorite reads of the week.

Have you struggled with your child favoring one parent over the other? You’re not alone. 

It’s important to make a plan for yourself should a member in your household test positive for COVID-19. 

We are all struggling with the mundanity of staying home all the time. put together a really creative list of activities for the whole family. 

The Mosiers flew to India to pick up their baby, but the country locked down before they could leave. 

Can a loving family reduce depression later in life? 

Do you feel like you’re struggling with making simple parenting solutions? Slate’s parenting podcast is a great resource for shaking things up.

Supriya shares her story of becoming a single mother by choice. 

Families are turning to telehealth in order to maintain their child’s mental health throughout the COVID crisis.

Parents: Biospace is offering tips and information on maintaining your career goals in this time of crisis. 

The New York Times is providing real-time information regarding the COVID crisis, and they’ve dropped their paywall