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(Non-Stressful) Digital Experiences For Parents Turned Homeschool Teachers

We know everyone is struggling during this unprecedented time. People everywhere are being called on to fill roles that they’ve never filled before, with no time for training. Above and beyond, one of the most significantly impacted demographics are parents and the children they are now responsible for educating. Parents everywhere are struggling to balance work, homeschooling, self-care, and maintaining a healthy family. It’s unspeakably overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it all alone. 

According to a Gallup poll, nearly 70% of households have had to deploy e-learning tactics to ensure their children’s academic success. Of that 70%, 42% of parents are fearful that the pandemic will negatively affect their child’s educational future. There’s no way to do it all, and it’s imperative that you give yourself some grace. 

Several academic resources have gone live in the last few months as a direct response to this crisis. Not all children and young adults learn the same, so this an opportunity to lean into your child’s natural talents. Some of our favorite new academic resources include: 

  • Brain Pop: Brain Pop seriously has it all. From science to art to engineering, Brain Pop has classes for all levels and designed to keep your children engaged. Not only do they have tons of courses for students, but they also offer parents resources on how to build a structured and healthy learning environment. 
  • Scholastic Books unveiled Story Starters. This is a great writing resource designed for students K-6. Not only will it help with creative writing development, but also basic grammar and spelling. 
  • Travel through a museum or take a tour of the Grand Canyon with Google Arts & Culture. It doesn’t just include natural wonders and museum tours either—they explore sports, automotive, and pop culture experiences as well. 
  • Get up and move! Cosmic Kids Yoga has released a free two-week program for families and kids stuck at home. CKY offers age-appropriate exercises guaranteed to relax your family. 

We are far from a typical or ideal homeschooling experience. However, in the moments when it’s not insanely stressful, hopefully, it’s an opportunity to foster more family time and build better and stronger relationships. It also gives parents the chance to get acute insight into how your child learns and what piques their interest. Don’t focus on whether or not it’s “authentic” homeschooling. An authentic experience (that takes everyone’s stress levels into account) is just as impactful.