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Creating Structure at Home During a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has upended normal life as we know it. While children have been sent home to learn for the rest of the year, parents need to find and maintain an unprecedented balance (and also try not to lose their minds). We compiled some tips for parents who now have to balance their work and personal time while working from home, taking care of their children, being homeschool teachers, and maintaining their household. 

A school shutdown is stressful, and a logistical nightmare for parents. If you’re anything like us, you may be wondering, “How will kids continue to learn?” “How will they stay focused while learning from home?” “How will I stay focused while working from home?” Build set aside some one-on-one time into you and your child’s day. This special time with your child will not only give you a moment to focus on them and only them, but also give you a reprieve from your day. Take thirty minutes, play a game or an educational activity online, and try to relax into it. 

Structure is paramount. Think about your workday or your child’s school day—both have in structure. Just because we have momentarily shifted home to work and learn doesn’t mean balance and structure are impossible. Create a flexible and visible schedule for your entire family, including you and your spouse. Include breaks and exercise time so you can shake up your day with some activity. During this pandemic, it makes sense to build hygiene tasks into your schedule. If things don’t as planned, don’t beat yourself up over it. You’re doing your best under previously unfathomable circumstances. You’re already doing the right thing. Give yourself grace. 

Know that stress is inevitable, and will come and go in waves throughout this experience. The first thing to remember is that you are not alone. Millions of Americans are struggling with having their family’s lives upended for the unforeseeable future. Talk with someone you love about how you’re feeling. Schedule a video chat, lunch hour, or coffee date. You deserve breaks, as many of them as you want. You wouldn’t withhold them from your children, would you? So why from yourself?  

The world is in a tough spot right now, and adaptability is critical. The more we socially distance, practice excellent hygiene, and lay low, the greater the chance of flattening the curve and seeing things return to more normal rhythms.

If you have any symptoms whatsoever, please call 2-1-1 for any COVID-19 related assistance and check in regularly with the Center for Disease Control’s symptom checker: CLARA

Be safe, and stay healthy! We will get through this. 


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