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Single Parent Adoption

In 2017, the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System discovered that nearly 15,000 single women and over 2,000 single men sought to adopt or did adopt a child. More than one-quarter of children adopted go to a home with a single parent. These facts alone indicate that single parent adoption is on the rise. During the 60s, changes in law made it possible for single parents to adopt or foster a child or children. There is a growing demand for safe and stable housing for children in the foster care system and adoption. If you’re single and want to adopt, you are in good company, and there are so many resources to support you along the way. 

 Adoptive parents, agencies, and professionals stress the importance of surrounding yourself with an active support group. This support system should be built with people who love you, support your decision, and are reliable in a time of need. As with any adoption process, when you’re meeting with a potential birth family or agency, it’s vital to demonstrate the thoughtfulness with which you’ve considered this decision. A comprehensive financial evaluation that shows a realistic and precise portrayal of how you have planned and continue to prepare to support a family is helpful. So are any markers of stability.

You know why you are embarking on this journey, and you deserve to stand behind that. Society often applauds married couples for adopting a child, while a single parent can face scrutiny. We always recommend finding other single adoptive parents who can become part of your community—either online or in real life. Both have an impact! Forming a support group is essential for sustaining the emotional journey of adoption. 

Adoptions Together has created an entire portal dedicated to serving single parents with the desire to adopt. Not only do they offer comprehensive guidance for all aspects of the adoption process, but they also provide online education so you can continuously evolve your knowledge around the laws, legislation, and overall climate of single parent adoption. Your desire to nurture and parent a child is as valid and worthy of support as any individual who wants to become a parent.

If you or someone you know is considering single parent adoption, contact us! We are here to support and guide you every step of the way.