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Have A Blessed Weekend

Wow! Can you believe February is already over? 2020 is flying by.

We’re going to take this weekend to relax and reset, and we hope you do the same. Enjoy some of our favorite adoption and parenting reads of the week, and take care.

We’ll see you next week!

Has your child asked to meet their birth parents? This can be an exciting and scary request for parents. This week on the blog, we shared some thoughts around navigating this conversation. 

How could I possibly put my child in daycare?

Put the screens down! Here are ten activities that will spark interest in your child. 

Baylor’s Adoption Days has connected 300 children with their forever family. 

One of the tricks to curbing and controlling challenging behaviors from a child is understanding where they are coming from.

International adoptions are being affected by the coronavirus. 

Are you looking for new children’s books? Let Toby help you out! 

Should your newly adopted child undergo a full health evaluation? 

Does being adopted put your child at an academic disadvantage? 

Focused Athletics is using sports as a vehicle to improve the lives of young adults.