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Have A Lovely Weekend

Happy Weekend! We hope you’re getting back on track after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It takes a second to get the trains back in motion, but here’s to ringing in a fabulous new year. Celebrate with some of our favorite reads of the week.

This week on the blog, we talk about teaching our children to be resilient

Is a system designed to keep children safe actually doing them harm? 

Even parenting experts can struggle with parenting. 

Now, more than ever, we need to be addressing substance abuse with our youth. 

Adoptions in Texas have soared past 6000 youth! 

The Brothertons adopted seven children—they knew traditional parenting wasn’t going to work. 

With gun violence and drug abuse leading the news, this San Francisco organization is aiming to save lives

Each child welfare system faces their own complex challenges—New Mexico is no different. 

We will always talk about the importance of building your adoption support system. We love this state-by-state guide. 

People are unpredictable. We appreciate these thoughts on navigating uncomfortable or awkward special needs or adoption questions.