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Have A Happy Weekend


Happy Weekend, friends! We hope you’re enjoying the quiet calm of January after the storm that is December. Relax and enjoy some of our favorite adoption and parenting reads of the week. 

This week on the blog, we talk about how time-outs are totally out of style

This couple took matters into their own hands in order to provide foster care resources to their community.  

This mom found that foster care drove her to create purpose in people’s lives.

When Parenting Kids Of Color, You’re Always Worried That You’re Not Doing Enough” — intimate and powerful thoughts from a parent of children of color.

News from the royal family has swept the nation and brought up a lot of discussion about what it means to forge one’s own path. 

When you’re parenting for a giant family, keep it simple.

Do detention centers help foster children? Most people say no.

Youth Villages are setting up all over the country.  

40 hilarious tweets about the lies parents tell their kids!

How snowplow parenting can harm your children.