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Reads For A Holiday Weekend

It’s that point in the holiday season where time has no meaning, and Saturdays feel like Mondays, and Mondays feel like Fridays. So wherever you’re at in your holiday schedule, here are some reads to sit back with and enjoy.

We hope you had a blessed Christmas, and are looking forward to a glorious and abundant 2020!

This week on the blog, we shared some shopping tips for welcoming a new family member home on short notice.  

These adoptees from South Korea return to their home country to trace their roots

DePaul Community Resources in Virginia hit an adoption milestone with 31 adoptions this month. 

A DNA test led Diane Standish to an entire new family

Joe O’Connell, a one-time foster child, has dedicated his life to helping other children in the system. 

These parents weren’t looking to adopt, but the foster system called their name

Cup of Jo shares their readers’ favorite children’s books

How do you prepare your furry family members for a new addition? 

Do you have a teen who seems aimless? Here are some tips to motivate them. 

Tips for soothing an anxious child