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Have A Lovely Weekend

Happy weekend, friends! We hope it’s a cozy one, filled with the things you love most. 

Enjoy some of our favorite reads from around the web…

This week on the blog we talked about parenting through tough conversations

With international adoption numbers dropping, the answer to foster care overcrowding is right in your community. 

Florida’s “Home for the Holidays” adoption campaign was a massive success. 

Foster parents are real parents! 

Raising a bilingual child can be difficult, but is so worth it. 

Cup of Jo explores the best gifts for kids? 

Healthy eating isn’t just for adults, it’s for the whole family.  

Tantrums are normal but here are some tips for discerning if they are becoming abnormal. 

Blending families can be difficult, if not a little awkward. Slate’s advice column navigates a special circumstance this week. 

Adoption and foster agencies are helping to turn the tide on forever family conversation.