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Have A Blessed Weekend

It’s almost the holidays! We hope you’re finding some peace and restoration in amidst the holiday stress. Take a break from the chaos with some of our favorite reads of the week. 

Check out our blog! We have ideas on how to keep the costs down and spirits up over the holiday. 

Do you co-parent during the holidays? Are you struggling to set up a visitation schedule? This may help

Jackson County has a new program aimed to help children in foster care understand the adoption process. 

The holidays can be trying, especially if you have lost a loved one recently. Cup of Jo offers thoughtful guidance for this emotional situation. 

The Kansas City Star’s six-part series, Throwaway Kids, explores the lifetime implications of foster care. It’s forcing lawmakers to do better. 

Very interested in this New York Times piece, which explores a decade of parenting scrutiny

Dwyane Wade talks about parenting a gay teenager

If you’re looking for an amazing parenting podcast, check out’s: This Was Not in the Parenting Handbook

Holiday traditions are important – learn how they pass these along in the Appalachian Mountains. 

These beautiful twin sisters have fostered more than twenty children!