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Have A Wonderful Weekend

Happy fall weekend! Did you recover from Daylight Savings Time? It’s only 60 minutes, but it sure does shake things up!

We hope you’re staying cozy and happy this weekend. Take good care, and thanks for being a part of our community. Enjoy our favorite adoption, parenting, and family reads from around the internet this week!

This week on our blog we discussed the importance of adopting from foster care

Chicago Now has begun its annual National Adoption Month celebration with the launch of 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days! We were moved by YooMee’s story. 

Is this Georgia community reminiscent of Mister Roger’s neighborhood? 

This true story reads like a piece of fiction. Beyond The Third Door is one of our personal favorites this week. 

Joanna Goddard started a compelling conversation when she asked, “what age gap do your kids have?” 

Empathy is vital for expressing kindness and compassion. We love these tips for instilling empathy in your children. 

Casey Wilson gets real about her terrifying parenting journey that uncovered a surprising diagnosis. 

Izabella Arndt has a heart the size of the backpacks she fills for children in the foster system. 

Who are the real heroes of the foster system? 

When it comes to car travel with your child, safety first