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Have A Wonderful Weekend

Happy Weekend! Halloween is over, and basically overnight, all things Thanksgiving have magically emerged. Settle in friends, here come it comes.

Take a moment to restore with our favorite adoption and parenting reads of the week. Thank you for visiting us!

This week on our blog we discussed the effects of poverty on parenting

The Human Rights Campaign is focusing more of their efforts on LGBTQ youth. 

Wisconsin tribes and disability advocates are teaming up to address concerning issues in adoption legislation. 

Are you in a slump when it comes to cooking weeknight dinners for your family? Bon Appetit has your back! 

Reader’s Digest highlights eight stories of older children finding their forever home. has an awesome parenting advice column. We love the advice they gave to parents who chose not to tell their daughter she was adopted. 

The Guardian asks: could you be an adoptive parent? 

It’s 2019. Are time outs harmful to kids? 

Ready to be a foster parent? Awesome

Adoption changes lives in ways people cannot anticipate.