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Have A Cozy Weekend

Winter came…early. We talked to one parent this week whose kids thought that the snow meant Santa would be there the next morning. You can imagine their surprise when they were told they still had 50 days to wait!

In any event, we hope you’re staying cozy and warm, snuggled and safe. Thanks for being here, and enjoy some of our favorite reads from around the web this week.

This week on the blog we discussed identity and how to let your child explore theirs with your support. 

Hiedi Anderson shares her story about how fostering and adoption changed her life

Are you a stay-at-home parent looking to make some friend connections? Start your own group

Alabama is at it again! They set yet another record number of adoptions in the past quarter. 

Adoption from foster care is a true “instant family.” 

Parent in the present!

Sue Kerr, a foster parent recruiter and trainer, talks about the importance of fostering tolerance within the adoption and fostering process. 

Ashley and Jared set out to foster and ended up welcoming three siblings into their home—they couldn’t be happier. 

Is there sibling rivalry in your home? Conflict resolution helps. 

KTTV 11 Los Angeles’s “Wednesday Child” segment has resulted in 455 adoptions.