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Adoption and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving about bringing families together, but it has a special place in our hearts because it takes place during National Adoption Month. If you’re an adoptive family, or one-in-waiting, there are so many special ways you can incorporate adoption into your Thanksgiving traditions. 

Thanksgiving is of course about gratitude, and giving thanks. This is the perfect time to engage your family, both immediate and extended, and to share how growing your family through adoption changed your lives. You could have everyone go around the table before dinner and share a short story highlighting their experience and feelings throughout the adoption journey. Children and young adults can really benefit from hearing the positive impact their presence has had on everyone’s life. It’s a beautiful emotional thing you’ve done, or are endeavoring to do, and this is a meaningful way to bring adoption into the fold of your family. 

If you’re looking for a more interactive way to celebrate Thanksgiving and adoption, literally lay it all out on the table! Many families are turning to personalized tablecloths to celebrate adoption during special occasions and holidays. Grab a tablecloth and some wash-resistant pens or markers. Have everyone in your family write what they are thankful for or what makes them feel happy or safe. Pass out pieces of paper, or little cards, and have everyone write something that they’re grateful for about family or adoption, and then share them with the group. 

In addition to celebrating your own adoption journey, consider volunteering to help other families find joy this holiday season. Mentor a family going through the adoption journey, or visit a foster home or shelter where children have yet to find their forever home. Supply local food shelters or foster care centers with items for Thanksgiving dinner, or volunteer to help serve Thanksgiving dinner to individuals in need. The holidays can be a time of grieving for those who don’t have support, and this is an incredible opportunity to give back and contribute to the broader community of foster care and adoption.

Above all—we are grateful for YOU, and could not be more thankful to have you as part of our community. May you have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving, and thank you for the bounty of joy and inspiration you bring to our lives every day. 


Are you a prospective adoptive parent who is looking for a meaningful way to celebrate adoption this holiday? Bring together your entire family to write letters to your future child. Not only will this help build positivity and inclusion among family members, you can also start laying the framework for your own traditions. 


However you choose to celebrate; remember to choose gratitude. This is the perfect time to step back and take an inventory of all the blessings you have in your life – even if you are still on your journey. Savor these moments!