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Have An Excellent Weekend

Happy Weekend! 

Fall is here, and it feels great. We hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you. For those who’ve got a long weekend on the horizon, enjoy it.

Take some time for yourself, and enjoy a few of our favorite reads of the week.

Be well, and thank you for being such a valued and beloved member of our community.


Country Living has share out their 60 best activities to do in the fall (with it without family!) 

Kindness is important. Cup of Jo shares readers’ stories of creative acts of kindness. 

As we roll into a busy holiday (and flu) season, the CDC has released some helpful tips to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Parenting a teenager isn’t an easy task, and the responsibilities intensify if your child is struggling. 

Emuna Braverman shares the best piece of parenting advice she ever received. 

Do you have a child who tends to whine? Don’t worry, it’s common. And fixable

Read up on Julian Castro’s plans to eliminate discrimination in the adoption process; especially for the LGBTQ community. 

Care and Feeding is Slate’s parenting hub—here they give advice to a woman whose family is less than accepting of her choice to adopt. 

Are you using an ethical adoption agency? Here are some tips to determine your answer. 

National Adoption Week is coming up. Are you ready to change a child’s life?