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Have A Wonderful Fall Weekend

Happy Weekend! It is fall, and it feels like it. We couldn’t be happier. Do something cozy this weekend, and soak up the relief of cooler temps. It’s a season we love as a family, and hope you enjoy it, too!



Below are some of our favorite reads of the week. Enjoy!


This week on the blog we discussed  a parenting style called Love and Logic

This Cleveland gallery hopes to inspire adoption through art. 

Parenting is a game of picking your battles

Would you use your child’s artwork as home decor? 

The wait is different for parents expecting via adoption. 

Jackson County, Oregon is working together to lessen the adoption wait. 

Everyone is different. What is your child’s personality? 

Robin Reif traveled all the way to China to learn her daughter’s story

The Charlotte Gazette highlights the importance of adopting children before they age out of foster care. 

Ashley Fields and Kendall Monroe are tackling the issue of older children in the foster system. 

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