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Loving Yourself Through Adoption Placement

If you have recently placed your child for adoption, or are pregnant and considering adoption, know that this is a selfless and incredible decision to make. It’s an emotional journey, layered with ups and downs, and although it may be difficult at times, know that by staying open, honest, and true to yourself, you can make this experience a positive one. 

Today we’re sharing a few tips to help you build a supported, transparent, and clear-headed adoption process. 


  • Above all: be confident in yourself and your decision. There is not doubt that you will have conflicted moments, but trust yourself and surround yourself with individuals you trust as well, that you feel held, supported, and honored during this process. You may have to dig deep in this task, and all days will not be the same. It’s a huge decision, not to be taken lightly, and it requires a great deal of thought, and, in some cases, guidance. But if this is the option you choose, remember every day knowing that you have made a selfless, responsible, and love-filled decision to provide a better life for your child. 
  • Envelop yourself with positive relationships. There may be people in your life who disagree with your decision. That’s okay. It’s not theirs to make. Steep yourself in positive, kind, warm individuals who have your best interests at heart. This isn’t a journey you need to take alone. Embrace the opportunity to share this experience with people who want to lift you and your child up and only desire the best for you both.  
  • Remember to love yourself. An adoption journey can be lonely and emotional You have spent all your time and energy focusing on the future of your child, but remember that your future is important, too. Give yourself a chance to re-evaluate your life and make the decisions that are the best for you and your continued success. Never be afraid to show your emotions or admit vulnerability — this is a deeply vulnerable thing to do! And that’s okay. 


You know what’s best for you. You know what’s best for your child. Whichever decision you make is the right one, and you deserve to be honored for it.