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Have A Wonderful Weekend

We hope you’re settling into Sunday with a nourishing day ahead. Enjoy these beautiful fall days, and some of our favorite reads from around the web this week.

This week on the blog we discussed open adoption and the realistic expectations you should have. 

The Burke family’s unconditional love is emotional and inspiring. 

This family shares how adopting a white baby into their black family taught them more lessons than they could imagine. 

More than twenty years ago, Ann traveled to Calcutta to volunteer in one of Mother Theresa’s orphanages. It changed her life. 

Momfilter gives us some helpful tips and tricks to boost your child over the “school jitters.” 

Lori Holden of Lavender Luz does a passionate deep dive into adoption. 

Grab the tissues – CBS News put together a photo album of children on their adoption day. 

Angela Barra has joined other adoptees in addressing hurtful language head on. 

This Tennessee family honored their adoptive child’s bravery and strength by donning superhero costumes. 

Adopted children need permanent homes, too