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Have A Fabulous Weekend

The weekend is here and so are fall temperatures (at least in our neck of the woods)! Enjoy some relaxing downtime and some of our favorite reads of the week…



Pop on over to our blog. This week we talked about different ways you can help raise an independent child. 

The New York Times featured an interesting piece about family dinners around the world. 

Adoption is more universal than we thought! 

Keeping positive adoption language consistent in your home will boost the morale of your entire family. 

Des’rae and Fel are tired of being asked, “Who is the father?”

The New York Times offered this helpful primer for same-sex couples with some key legal basics for LGBTQ parents. 

What makes parenting an adopted child different from a biological child? 

Self-esteem and adoption work in tandem, and PACT thoughtfully lays out how they correlate. 

Considering Adoption reflects on four common challenges that adoptive children face. 

The National Center for Youth Law explains how extracurricular activities can help your adopted or foster child flourish.