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Have A Wonderful Long Weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend! It’s the last long weekend of the summer, and we hope you’re enjoying it and basking in the sunshine. Take some time for yourself, time for your family, and get some vitamin D. We’ve put together our favorite stories from around the web this week, so please enjoy!

This week on our blog we explored birth father’s rights in the adoption process. 

The Hindu has debuted a podcast that explores the ins and outs of the adoption journey

Should adoption agencies be able to turn down a couple or individual based on their parenting style

Adoption is becoming a more common trend in the LGBTQ world. Here are some great tips for making it your reality. 

This girl was adopted and then got to travel for the first time. 

Love times six! We love this story of a mom adopting half a dozen sisters. 

Meet these parents who adopted four children in 24 hours. 

An intimate look at what it’s like for a parent with a disability to adopt a child. 

States are taking note. Adoption from foster care is absolutely necessary. 

Zeke finds a home