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Have A Lovely Weekend

The weekend is here! It’s still summer, although fall is edging closer and closer. Soak up the sunny days ahead and treat yourself to a relaxing weekend. You deserve it. 

This week on our blog we talked about how to build the an authentic adoption profile. 

As you prepare to enter a new school year, be aware of some of the challenges your child may face and consider strategies for support. 

Are you looking for new homework and study techniques to help your children thrive? The Princeton Review released some of their best tips. 

For those preparing to jump into the wild world of parenting teenagers, Cup of Jo has some advice for you.

Read about why the Buck family are adoption heroes in the foster care world. 

Communities are taking it upon themselves to address the foster care crisis. See how this Florence, Kentucky community is tackling this issue head on

The word “adopt” drives Carolyn Hax crazy.

The Root explores transracial adoption and the authenticity of blackness. 

Patrick Flanery explores the world of gay adoption

Foster mothers file suit against Philadelphia’s discriminatory laws.