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Have A Lovely Weekend

We hope you have the most wonderful weekend relaxing and enjoying the sunshine with your family. Take a moment to relax, and enjoy our favorite reads of the week…

This week on our blog we talk about how important post (and pre!) adoption services are. 

NPR discusses all the different approaches to adoption.

The Des Moines Register explores how adoption is another, and maybe better, option for society.

When is the best time to disclose adoption status to your child?

Take a deep dive into how relationships with birth parents are important to adopted children.

Farai Chideya discusses her three failed adoptions and why she continues to keep trying.

Rachael Farr has studied families for years. Her new study? Adoptive children in same-sex homes.

For the first time ever, an LGBTQ+ child has been adopted from Telengana, India.

Father’s have rights, too. Check out how a South Carolina father is educating men on the Responsible Father Registry

From Miss World to adoptive mom — check out Sushmita Sen’s story.