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The Importance of Post-Adoption Support

Adoptive families and professionals have long agreed that post-adoption services support a successful transition into long-term stability. These services range from comprehensive medical evaluations to age-appropriate psychiatric care. Engaging with these types of professionals can help address feelings of loss, separation, and anxiety, and help build a stronger and healthier family unit. 

Post-adoption support is not just limited to the adopted child—they are meant to support the entire family. Here are some of the services available to you: 

  • Parenting education: Building a community is so important, and there are several ways for parents to gain support and guidance throughout and after their adoption journey. Find a local workshop or informational group that you can attend. If you don’t have time to make it to a group meeting, try an online seminar or workshop. For more information on where to find post-adoption parenting education, visit the Child Welfare Information Gateway
  • Therapeutic interventions: Some adopted children may come from homes where they experienced trauma. If that’s the case, it’s important to intervene as soon as possible. Therapeutic interventions include more than just counseling with a therapist—there are several community-based services that engage children and families in positive and healthy behavior and activities while learning coping strategies to deal with trauma. 
  • Child’s background: When it comes to giving out information regarding a child’s medical history or otherwise, guidelines vary state by state. Some states have limited information they are required to give. Go here to learn more about your state’s laws.
  • Search and reunion: If your family is ready to begin the search for your child’s birth family, start with the agency or professional service you adopted from. If you don’t have an agency or professional to consult, contact your Department of Human Services. The National Foster Care & Adoption Directory is a free online service where you search for relatives by state. 

Seeking professional guidance helps ensure your family is happy, safe, and healthy. The more support you have at each step in your adoption process, the better it is for you and your children.