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Have A Great Weekend.

We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July spent with family and friends! Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend with some of our favorite reads from around the web. 



This week on the blog we talked about love languages and how using one can build a deeper relationship with your child. 

An interesting question: Is it possible to adopt a grandchild who lives abroad?

Lori Holden of Lavender Luz examines adoptive parent rights and how legislation pending in some states may affect families. 

A compelling story: after Amber Loubiere’s family was split up as a young child, she used 23andMe to find them. 

The Philly Voice asks: When should kids be told that they’re adopted?

We’ve explored the difficulties of open adoption before. Now, US News dives into how these complexities can evolve over time. 

Years ago, The Washington Post wrote an article titled “Dating, Identity, and the Adolescent Adopted Child.” We reconnected with it this week, and found the information to be incredibly relevant. 

Adoption counseling is incredibly helpful, and can have a lasting positive effect on any adoption process. Here’s why it’s needed and where you can find it.

We are almost to the middle of summer! Take a look at this list of fun things to do with your kids, and start checking off items!

The Institute for Family Studies explores connections between adoption and school performance.  

See you next week!