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Have A Great Weekend.

Happy Weekend! We hope it’s a sunny and bright one. Spend this time taking care of yourself and the ones you love. You deserve it. 

Check out our blog this week! We talk about what to do when adoption expectations do not meet reality.

Huffington Post gets personal with this story of adoptive parents creating racial identities for their adopted children.

How long does it take to do something once you have kids? Cup of Jo presents a hilarious before and after.

Get involved in Molly’s Mission! Molly is a former foster child making the foster world a better place for everyone.

Chances are, there will never be a “perfect” time to adopt. Take the leap!

The state of Hawaii maintains that it attempts to reunify children in foster care with relatives, but do they? Deborah Goodwin’s shares her experience. 

Are you ready to grow your biological family through adoption and are concerned about blending your family? Don’t worry, it’s more common than you think.

Open adoption is a brave and difficult decision. Here are some tips on creating a durable and long-lasting relationship. 

Looking for fun and free activities for your kids this summer? Very Well Family has you covered!

Summer has just started, but school will be back before we know it! Here are some guidelines for easing your newly adopted child into school.