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Have A Great Weekend

Happy Weekend! It’s been pretty gloomy in the midwest, but hopefully some of you are feeling the sunshine! We’re dropping by with our favorite reads of the week — enjoy!

This week on our blog, we addressed digital safety for kids and teens, and shared some of our favorite tips for making the internet a safe space for yours. 

The Indian Child Welfare Act is a bill designed to protect Native American families. It’s effects on adoption are multi-layered and complex.

New York just passed a law that will automatically unseal adoption records once a person turns 18.

These adopted siblings found each other after 73 years apart!

With opioid addiction in Montgomery County, PA at an all-time high, agencies are scrambling to place children of drug-addicted parents.

Los Angeles is working to champion their foster system by introducing an “extended” foster program that takes kids through higher education.

Cup of Jo hits us in the feels with life advice for a college-aged daughter.

HuffPost put together 15 stories that show what it’s like to be adopted.

Creating a Family talks about how parents can choose to ignore and rise above the negative adoption stories.

One last thing regarding social media — don’t forget your etiquette!


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