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Have A Great Weekend

Hello! We hope you are ready for a wonderful weekend. We’re here to share some of our favorite reads of the week — please enjoy! 

This week on the blog we discuss differences between agency and independent adoptions. If you’re still on the fence about how you want to proceed, this is definitely worth a read.

Gabrielle Bruney wants to rewrite the “fairy tale” adoption story and shine a light on the struggles thousands of families face.

Understanding Adoption: A Developmental Approach. The US National Library of Medicine has released a study that explores how an adopted child finds their own identity and how it affects them throughout their lives.

Suddenly Mummy is a must-read blog about a single mom’s experience with foster care and adoption. Here she writes about the A-Z’s of therapeutic parenting.

Huffington Post’s “10 Things Adoptees Want You To Know” is extremely powerful.

Positive adoption language is so important. Lori Holden of Lavender Luz describes witnessing a lunch room encounter where adoption was the punchline for a joke. What would you do?

Creating a Family has swooped in to help us through the summer, with tips to surviving the season with children who’ve come from difficult places.

A Family For Every Child addresses diversity in adoption and why it is so important.

My Real Kid explores transracial adoption, and Allie Ferguson discusses some of the issues she deals with the most.

In closing, a little reflection. How has your life surprised you?