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Have A Great Weekend

The “April showers” are a little bit late this year, but we will take it. Spring has arrived! Enjoy your weekend and some of our favorite reads.

This week on the blog, we talk about how to create a history for your adopted child. Including some tips about how you can make it an experience for the entire family.

In the blog, we talked about making a Lifebook with your child. Here are some great resources on how to make one and what to put in it. has a great resource for those looking to preserve their adopted child’s cultural history. This is especially important with transracial or international adoptions.

Lavender Luz shares tips on how to build birth family relationships coming out of a foster care adoption. It doesn’t have to start with the birth parents.

This 90 year-old birth mother found the daughter she placed for adoption 70 years ago!

Taiwan recently became the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. With that legalization, these couples also received rights to adopt children. This is a huge!

Celebrities and activists have flocked to Capitol Hill to advocate for LGBTQ adoption rights. You can follow the most recent updates here.

It’s never a bad idea to revisit positive adoption language. A Child’s Hope breaks key terms that are often found in adoption conversations.

This article shares helpful tips for how to make your adoption profile stand out.

Considering Adoption highlights the four most common problems that adopted children face. 


Image via Time Magazine.