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Have A Great Weekend

Happy weekend, friends. Everything is blooming, and spring feels like it’s finally here. It’s such a special time of year! Here’s to a relaxing weekend, and some interesting reads to go with it. 



This week on the blog we talk about how to temper expectations during the adoption journey. Including some tips on setting realistic expectations so the process and its challenges will be easier to handle. has over 420,000 adoption files used to assist people in finding their birth family or parents. Are you, or someone you know, interested in starting a search?

Finding time to cook at home after school and work is a lot of energy. Check out these super easy recipes that Cup of Jo families go crazy for!

Adoption’s developmental milestones are a lifelong journey

The Guardian explores touching stories of adoption through fostering.

Gabrielle Glaser from the New York Times explores why keeping adopted people “in the dark” might not be helpful in the long run.

“You’re adopting who?” Ralph Savarese wrote a memoir about his unique journey through adoption and autism.

What is it like to fill in the gaps in your health history when you’re adopted? is a great resource for those looking to adopt or foster.

Love these rules for proper adoption etiquette on social media.