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Adopting When Single

Every state in the US allows single people to adopt. There is no legal barrier. However, there is still a misconception that the nuclear family is the ideal family. Making the choice to adopt is a monumental life event, a life-changing journey, and choosing to adopt as a single parent is its own unique experience. 

When preparing to adopt, one of the most important things a single parent can do is to build a strong foundation through family and friends. All parents — single other otherwise — should do proper research so that they can tap into all available resources. Before bringing your child home, we recommend researching the below parenting/childcare resources, so that you can build the right team for you and be fully prepared once your child arrives. That includes:

  • A childcare provider (if needed)
  • Pediatrician/primary care physician
  • Parenting classes
  • Support/bonding groups for single parent adoption

It’s not realistic to expect that you can do everything on your own, and reaching out for assistance or support is not a sign of weakness or an indication of failure.

We also recommend getting your finances in line. Adoption can put a financial strain on even the most finance-savvy of families. A budget should be a part of anyone’s parenting plan, and ideally put in place before the child arrives. If it’s within your resources, reach out to a financial advisor to help guide and build your new family’s financial future. Making sure you have appropriate time to bond with your new child is key for any adoptive family, and securing elements like finances and community support only give you more time to adapt to your new life as a parent, and support attachment and bonding with your child. 

We understand that different resources are available to different families in different capacities. The most important thing is that you’ve taken the step to share love and life with a child who needs you. When you take the time to build the village that will surround you and your child, you may find that your family grew not just by one, but a whole new tribe.

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