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Have A Great Weekend

Happy Weekend!

Relax and catch up on some of our favorite reads of the week. 

First – we’ve got a new blog post this week! Parenting special needs children is difficult, but with the right resources can be easily navigated.

Cup of Jo offers 15 pieces of advice for new moms. 

Single dads can adopt, too. Steven and Quinton’s story is a special one — don’t forget tissues. 

Your relationship with your partner is everything.  Navigating that and parenting can be difficult, but so rewarding.

Carrie Goldman nails it when talking about self-censorship with parenting.

“People who are adoptive parents know that they aren’t a hero or a villain. They’re just a parent.” Lakshmi Gandhi shares her story of adopting two sons.

Summer is around the corner! Very Well Mama helps lay out your summer plans with both cheap and fun options.

Check out this guide for navigating the special needs education system.

Watch this special speech a recently-adopted boy gave. It will tug at your heart!

Michigan has updated their adoption discrimination laws, and now all families will be allowed to adopt.