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Adoption and Parenting Reads of the Week

Happy Saturday, friends! How’s your January going? There’s always something invigorating about a new year, and we hope positive things are in store for you and your families.

There are some incredible reads floating around the web this week, and here are some of our favorites.

Enjoy! <3

19 things to know if you’re adopting in 2019 (this is such a great list!)

This story is amazing! This woman adopted two children at separate times, only to discover that they are biological siblings!

The nightmare of having to adopt your own child.

The Native American adoption law (“The law says Native American children must be placed with and adopted by a family member, a member of their tribe or, failing that, a family from another tribe.”) is being charged as racially biased.

The White House could help foster children.

Not all children with Developmental Trauma Disorder share the same characteristics. It’s a spectrum, and this excellent piece explains more.

How do you choose your child’s middle name?

Someone asks The Ethicist, “Can I cut my daughter out of my life?”

An ultimate guide to kids book that will help you not raise jerks.

Pediatricians are pushing hard against parents who don’t vaccinate their kids.