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Adoption and Parenting Reads of the Week

Happy Saturday!

How was your week?

We hope you’re heading into a wonderful weekend. We’re planning to finish up some decorating, maybe finish up some holiday shopping, and definitely enjoy some family time. We hope you get to do the same.

Enjoy our favorite reads of the week — we’ve got some beautiful stories and tons of fabulous information from around the adoption world.



Love this list of racially diverse holiday books! We’ll definitely be including these in our gift-giving this year.

This adoptee shares why she felt guilty searching for her biological family.

This is a tear-jerker, whether you have children or not. 21 completely subjective rules for raising teenage boys.

Another amazing book list! 20 adoptee-authored books published in 2018.

Navigating social media with foster and adopted teens.

Wondering how to tell your child that they’re adopted? We love these tips.

One of the biggest fears of birth parents is that adoptive parents won’t keep their promises. Here’s how you can help alleviate those fears, and only promise what you are prepared to give.

We are in full support of single parent adoption. And you can do it!

“You have a piece of my heart, and I have a piece of yours.”

The “Instant Family” writer talks about what it was like to adopt his children. “But building that bond wasn’t easy. In the beginning,’You have these total strangers who come into your home. You’re supposed to carry on like this family, but you just met,’ explained Anders. ‘You feel like you’re babysitting someone else’s kids. It’s exhausting and you don’t know what you’re doing. They don’t trust you and you feel lost and scared.’”