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Gift Guide: New Adoptive Parents

We’ll be sharing a few gift guides throughout the holiday season, perfect for pampering the special people in your life (or for passing along to those who could use a little help ;). Today: new adoptive parents!

First up, a luxurious stash of self-care items. You’ve heard it a million times — the minute a new baby arrives home, showering, pampering, makeup, and hair washing go totally out the window. Treat the new mama in your life to some lush treats that make her feel special. We love this list from New York Magazine compiled by real moms and filled with the items they craved in the early bleary but blissful stages of new motherhood.

Free babysitting! When you’re a new parent, time alone — time do anything, really — is at a premium. Not to mention time spent with a partner or friends. A booklet of redeemable babysitting coupons is such a sweet way to support the new parents in your life. You’re not only giving them the gift of time, but you’re saving them from the hassle of finding a babysitter they trust.

Treat them to a meal delivery service. Gift them the gift of good food, and the gift of not having to think about it. No matter how they eat, there’s a service for them. Here are a few of our favorites: Blue Apron, Sun Basket, Veestro, Purple Carrot.

Or how about a gift card to their favorite restaurant? It’s a guaranteed date night, and they don’t have to use their tired brains to figure out where to go.

Comfy clothes. They’re going to be spending a lot of time at home, and having a handful of nice, plush, cozy, comfortable clothing to pull from will make newborn cuddles all the sweeter. Think pajamas, a soft robe, slippers, sweaters, cardigans, a big fuzzy blanket, and a warm scarf.

Don’t forget about the magic of a standing date. It’s really hard for new parents to stay connected with their friends. With their life making such a monumental shift, it doesn’t take long for every day and night to be consumed by the challenges of new parenthood. So set a standing date, on their terms. Maybe you come over for a glass of wine every Thursday and crash on the couch in front of This Is Us. Or you pop over early for a morning coffee date. If they’re trying to maintain their fitness routine, be their workout buddy. Or, offer to cook dinner a couple nights a month. The gift of your time, without them having to manage or schedule it, is one of the most compassionate ways to meet your new parent friends exactly where they’re at.