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Adoption Laws by State

Without question adoption laws can be the most complex part of any adoption.  Every state varies on the key statutes that govern adoption.  From the codes that regulate the home study to the requirements for adoption finalization and everything in between.  If you are just beginning your adoption journey and need a home study, view our directory of Home Study Providers within your state.

Whether you are a birthmother, birthfather, or adoptive family, there is a lot you should know about adoption laws.  Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions wants to help you navigate and understand everything about adoption and how to legally go about either placing a child for adoption or adopting a baby that needs a loving home.

In today’s world, anything dealing with a legal process can be very confusing and intimidating.  Most adoption laws are procedurally very similar from state to state, however; each states laws will differ in some subtle and some not so subtle ways from other states. In an effort to help you wade through the sea of adoption laws, we have compiled quick and simple answers for many of the most common adoption laws for each state.  View a specific states adoption law requirement to the right to learn more.  It is important to note that these summaries are just that – summaries.  In most instances, however; links to the specific state statute is provided to give you further understanding.

Many of the adoption laws are contingent upon other factors and should not be relied upon as conclusive.  You should also be aware that inter-state adoptions can have a significant impact on the legal process dependent on the specific combination of states involved.  As with anything that deals in the legal realm, we strongly suggest that you consult with a qualified adoption attorney for absolute determination of the adoption laws applicable to your situation.  If you choose Abby’s One True Gift for your adoption, know that our Traditional Package option will provide you with the most competent and experienced attorney’s in both your state and the birthmothers state.  View /adoptive-family/how-our-agency-works/ to learn more about our adoption services.

Even if you don’t utilize our services, we hope you find our adoption resources helpful.