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Adoption and Parenting Reads of the Week

Happy Saturday!

How has your week been? Snowy? Unseasonably warm? February is shaking things up all the over place, and we hope you’re feeling grounded and happy.

Here are some things to make you happy! Interesting reads about the adoption and parenting worlds that will hopefully bring a little something to your weekend.

Big hugs. Thanks so much for being part of our community—we are so blessed to know you.


This sweet little toddler yelled, “Dad!” after his adoption was announced.

On their newest episode, Iowa Public Radio tackled the topic of international adoption and how we need to save it. Have a listen here.

A mother and her daughter adopted from China teach others about identity and Chinese policy.

What anyone considering adoption should know.

A beautiful piece about the importance of celebrating life’s moments, small and large. As the writer notes: “‘Go to the wedding, go to the funeral, stop at the lemonade stand.’”

Gerber just announced their newest Baby Contest winner…and little Lucas is the first Gerber Baby with Down Syndrome! He’s also as adorable as they come.

24 children’s books to read in honor of Black History Month.

Five body safety rules to help protect kids from sexual assault.