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Holiday Gift Ideas for New or Expecting Adoptive Parents

Do you have a new or expecting adoptive family in your life? If so, this holiday marks an opportunity to give them something special—a gift that will make them feel supported and loved, and help take care of them when the big moment arrives. Here are some of our favorite gifts for showing new or expecting adoptive parents that you’re thinking of them.

Life care, including: free childcare, pet-sitting, or home-watching. Whether they’ve received the call and have to jet off to another state, or are new parents desperately in need of a date night, a “gift certificate” for free childcare, pet-sitting, or home-watching in those final stages of preparing for their adoption will mean the world. Adoptive parents have to give so much of their process up to chance, especially when they’re waiting for their baby to arrive. To have someone offer to take care of logistics at home is a huge lifesaver.

A photo session as a new family. An excellent and thoughtful gift if you’re a photographer or know one, or would like to purchase a session through a local photography studio. Photos are a wonderful way to give the new parent(s) in your life something that will last forever, immortalizing those special moments with their new little one.

Offer to capture some arrival candids. You could offer to be on-hand to snap candids of their arrival home with their new little one. Not only does it give them an opportunity to have a photo as a family, capturing that giddy, of-the-moment, just-arrived home energy, but it’s also special to have someone there to greet them with their new babe!

Pre-prepared meals. Whether frozen and ready to defrost and heat up, or delivered fresh, the first week they’re home, they’re going to be exhausted and steeped in the chaos of being a new parent. Trust us, they will be eternally grateful to not have to think about how they’re going to feed themselves. As a bonus, consider food that’s nourishing and energizing: vegetables, whole grains, and of course, something sweet for dessert. It’s a wonderful way to take care of the new family while also giving them something they truly need.

A gift certificate to an online card design shop, like Minted. We love this gift because it allows them to pick out and design a card or announcement for their new little one, complete with photos of themselves and a customized message. So easy!

Personal touches make all the difference. What are the best gifts you received as a new or expecting adoptive parent?