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Adoption and Parenting Reads of the Week

There are some incredibly powerful stories that caught our eye this week. From extremely valuable information about the threatened Adoption Tax Credit, to a new adoption podcast and a seriously potent piece about what you should know before adopting transracially, we’re so happy to be sharing these articles with you.

Please do enjoy, and we’ll see you Monday!

This powerful piece shares 10 things people should know before adopting transracially, pulled from a deeply potent interview with Angela Tucker, a transracially adopted woman. “‘If you are not comfortable talking about white supremacy, you cannot adequately parent kids of color. If you did not know that the National Association of Black Social Workers once said that ‘transracial adoption is a cultural genocide,’ you aren’t prepared to parent a child of color. Being comfortable with the discomfort that is America’s racial history is crucial in order not to perpetuate systems,’ Angela Tucker shares.”

Infertility is a unique pain, and it is so hard to cope with.

The BBC has launched a new, 17-episode podcast called The Adoption. “Presented by the journalist and broadcaster Jon Manel, the podcast has been 19 months in the making and takes us from the Lincolnshire family court’s decision that Bethany and Ben should be placed into adoption, through to the search for prospective parents and, finally, the adoption itself.”

A plan to eliminate the Adoption Tax Credit would be devastating.

A brave and honest story about what it’s like to be in foster care.

Okay, are you ready to cry?

It’s our normal, it’s how we became a family.” “With so many families whose lives have also been touched by adoption, I am perplexed when I am treated as “the other” when it comes to how I arrived at parenthood. After all, for us, adoption is normal. Much like raising multiples, it’s all we know. I haven’t had the experience of giving birth, and I don’t know what it’s like to look at my child and see my own face – or my husband’s – looking back at me. And I am certainly not alone.”

I used to be a good mom. “My identity of being a “good mom” was stripped from me as I struggled simply to get through each hour. The day finally came when we sought professional help for our family and had to trust others to help us find our way. Hope was planted in our hearts and we have not looked back.”

What the GOP tax bill means to parents and kids.