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Adoption and Parenting Reads of the Week


Happy Friday!

We hope it is a happy Friday indeed, and that you’re looking forward to a beautiful weekend. We’re starting it off with a few of our favorite reads of the week, and we hope you enjoy.

See you Monday 🙂

This mother shares about the day she met her baby girl through adoption:

“Mom! Be quiet! Just listen to me. I’m a MOM! And you’re a grandma! And my daughter is about to be born right now. We need to…”

“No! No! This doesn’t happen like this. This isn’t the way this happens! You just began this process about six weeks ago!”

“Well, it’s happening. Like this. Now! A birth mom chose me as the baby’s mommy and I have been in this town for six days, but I’m flying home to you and Dad and…I’m a Mom! I don’t even have a crib or bedding picked out. No clothes. What kind of diapers do I…?”

After this incredible couple had triplets by birth, each of whom was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, they were inspired to seek out adoption for children with ongoing medical needs.

An essay on race, class, and culture, and how they all affect transracial adoption.

A first-of-its-kind study in Canada has shown that three of out of five homeless youth were once in the child welfare system. “Of those with a history in the child welfare system, almost two of every five respondents eventually ‘aged out’ of provincial or territorial care, losing access to the sort of support that could have kept them from becoming homeless, the study found.”

Interested in creating a life story book for an adopted or fostered child? Here are some great tips!

Is divorcing a child an acceptable option? Even if they could a real danger to the family?

Why it’s insensitive to tell someone “to just adopt.”